For Web Admins

  For Web Admins  
Web administrators and content updaters,

We ask that you leave a note here on changes that you made on specific pages, any layout problems that you identified or any other notes that you would like the other users to see and fix.

Example is shown below:

Removed pastors and elders direct email addresses, replaced it with,

Updated links to PCA on the front page.

Written Statement of Faith, About us, Leadership, using the contents from the old site. Updated front page. We may need to remove some pictures on the banner since they are skewed.

Some photos were added ?

2013/ 07/30
-Have not decided whether putting side menu is a good idea or not. Wide calendar is nice, but the other content is skewed to the left. 
-Created new layout, several pictures for the main page, top banner and Bible 101. Edited the WIC section. Need to check the schedule for Men's bible study.
-Study resources and sermon audio are still linked to the old webpage.
-Played around with my logo design. Don't think it is what we want. Took it out.
-Added links to Statement of Faith
-Changed hopelessly stuck!
Added websites but could not figure out how to make them live.
-Made logo "live" linking to home page 8/23/16  -RC
-Put new quote in (C.S. Lewis) 8/23/16 -RC